Sunday, April 3, 2011

An Unusual Spiritual Journey

Beyond Rain of Gold opens with the death of the author's father. Was this man a monster or a king? Vilasenor begins a quest to find out. However, the book rapidly becomes an autobiography. We learn more about Vilasensor than his father, although his father does, as promised, visit him from the other side.

I enjoyed the author's adventures in the publishing world. This section is a must read for authors and for those wanting to become writers. Whether you agree with Vilasenor or not, he cared enough about his book to go to extreme lengths to keep it pure. I admire that.

Other sections of the book were not so enjoyable. I found the consistent use of capital letters to express extreme emotion annoying. I thought the device was overused and took away from the narrative. The story rambled. In the section on his publishing experiences, it shifts back and forth from past to present, and while not terribly difficult to follow, it is a distraction.

The end of the book, where the author meets his spirit guides, is very repetitive. I got bored with all the emotion and having the same sort of things happen over and over. I believe this would have been a stronger book, if it had received more editing.

I reviewed this book as part of the Amazon Vine Program.