Monday, September 6, 2010

A Brief Look at an American Hero

Although I've read may other books about the Civil War, this one make General Lee come to life. I found the details of his early life, particularly his life with his wife and family fascinating. Somehow, other books failed to make Lee, the husband and father, come alive. In fact, I thought that he didn't like spending time with his wife and family. Being a military man, he spent a great deal of time apart from them, but the brief glimpses of his letters to Mary and his children changed my mind.

This book is not a comprehensive biography, but rather a glimpse of Lee, not only as a fighting man, but as a very human person. Before reading this book, I had never really thought about his religious beliefs. Now I understand what a strong impact his belief in God had on his actions both as a man and a general.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about General Lee. It's not a comprehensive biography, but in a few pages it gives an excellent feel for the man and his times, not just the Civil War hero, but his early life and how important his allegiance to Virginia was to him.

I reviewed this book as part of the Thomas Nelson bloggers program.