Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Fascinating Glimpse of Military Genius

Although not as detailed as some biographies, this book gives us a glimpse of Patton and the characteristics that made him a military genius. I particularly enjoyed the chapters on his early life and ancestors. The stories about his childhood and early adulthood bear out the idea that genius is one tenth inspiration and ninety percent perspiration. In order to be great at any profession you have to have a feel for it. However, unless the feel is buttressed by a substantial amount of work, the potential for genius is not fulfilled.

I thought this book was an excellent one for the general reader. It gave enough facts and background description to give you the feel for the era and the political and military concerns without getting too bogged down in battlefield events.

I also liked the description of the roles played by the other generals: Eisenhower, Bradley and Pershing. If the book had been longer, I would have liked to hear more about their interactions, particularly the early encounters. However, I felt the author did a good job at what he set out to do, which was to give an overview of Patton's career for the general reader.

I reviewed this book for Thomas Nelson.