Tuesday, January 22, 2019

An Authentic Civil War Romance

Lizzie Clouston is the governess at Carnton mansion in Franklin Tennessee. It’s been a lovely day. Lizzie and the children have enjoyed the mild weather, but that rapidly changes that night, November 30, 1864. The Federal army meets the Confederates in a pitched battle.

Carnton mansion is the only available place to bring the wounded. Lizzie is pressed into service as Dr. Phillips tends the wounded, often having to amputate a limb. Captain Roland Jones, a decorated Mississippi sharpshooter, is wounded in the leg and hand. He begs Lizzie to keep the doctor from taking his leg. Lizzie agrees to do her best and during his recovery, a romance blossoms in spite of her being promised to another, her lifelong friend Towny, who she likes but doesn’t love. 

This is an excellent, well-researched historical account of the battle of Franklin, Tennessee. The author used the resources of the historical Carnton mansion and the letters between Roland and Lizzie to create an authentic account of the battle and the feelings of people at that time. I loved the characters, the children were particularly delightful and the setting was perfectly described to provide a background for the story.

I was pleased that the author presented the characters realistically. They are Southerners, but they had divergent views on slavery and the Confederacy. It’s refreshing to read a novel that isn’t a polemic. I highly recommend it.

I received this book from BookLook Bloggers for this review.

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