Friday, July 13, 2018

Fantasy with a Christian Background

The story opens with a horrific accident. Ronnie, a teenager, is riding his long board down a twisty three mile stretch of Mullholland Drive in the Santa Monica Mountains when the unthinkable happens. His board skids; he’s thrown against the guardrail, and falls down the ravine. Ronnie is badly injured. He loved the most extreme sports, but now that he’s injured he’s having trouble adjusting. He’s angry that he has to work to get back his ability to move about easily.

From the previous books, one of the leaders of the Trackers, Clynt, has escaped into the present. He wants revenge on the Carson family and has plans to cause trouble. Clynt has been following the teenagers trying get a chance to steal back the star. Mike, who played a role in book 2, is recovering from an accident in the same facility as Ronnie. He befriends the other boy with drastic consequences.

This book is filled with adventure and, as usual, plenty of travel between time periods. The scenes taking place in other times such as the Civil War and WWII give the reader not only adventure, but a chance to learn something about the historical period.

The characters from the two previous books make an appearance along with two new characters, Calie and Courtney. The teenagers are brave and caring. They make good role models for the middle grade readers for whom the book is intended. The lessons the author derives from the teens adventures are one of the best parts of the book giving the reader more than just a fantasy/adventure novel. I recommend this series for middle grade readers, but parents might enjoy it also.

I received this book from PR by the Book for this review.

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